God’s Mission is Your Mission

“The advance of the Kingdom through the preaching of the gospel is the theme of Scripture. The Bible tells this story of an advancing Kingdom, the mission of the triune God: providing redemption, finding the lost, and using them to mediate kingdom blessing to those yet lost. ”
– John York, “Mission in the Age of the Spirit

The following is the message preached by John Alarid at the county jail on January 14, 2015.
The sermon is preceded by a testimony by Tom Johnson. Fifteen men surrendered their lives to the Lord at the altar; including, a former pastor.

The Great “Thanksgiving” Banquet in the Kingdom of God

John gives a Thanksgiving weekend message at the county jail.

At the very heart of the Lord’s message and mission was embodied the reality of the God who seeks out the sinner. To invite sinners to the Great Banquet of the Kingdom was precisely the Lord’s mission. John the Baptist called upon men to forsake their sins in view of the coming day of judgement; Jesus called on men to accept an invitation.