Thomas Moon, Hope Home Staff

Dear Friends,

My sophomore year at Central Bible College in 2011, I was in need of a true friend and a Godly mentor. That same year I met John Alarid. We had a couple of classes together and ended up with memberships at the same fitness center, Ozark Fitness.

I will never forget the first time we connected. We just happened to have the same workout schedule and after we had got done exercising, John asked me if I “wanted to go pray real quick.” At first I was a little hesitant but we proceeded to his car and prayed together. That day was the start of a deep, God centered, and energetic friendship. We started going to the gym together weekly and would pray every time we finished working out in one of our cars right there in the parking lot.

It didn’t just stop with the hardcore interceding we were doing but we continued to make friends with a few other people at CBC who had the same sort of vision we had (healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead, and seeing the kingdom of God expand vastly) and started to hit the streets of Springfield every Friday night, witnessing, praying with people, and simply listening to them and the Holy Spirit. As God guided and directed we saw great things accomplished for the kingdom of God right in downtown Springfield on Friday nights, the very night many people in America go out to get drunk and drugged.

When John had told me about the Hope Home that he was starting at first I didn’t say anything about wanting to help. I already had plans for the summer and he didn’t specifically ask me to help. One evening, as I was sitting outside on my lawn chair I felt strongly compelled to call John and tell him that I wanted to help and be a part of this Hope Home if possible… after all I have always felt called to work with recovering addicts and the “easily forgotten” ever since I was called to full time ministry (as all Christians are in different ways).

A couple days later, John asked me if I wanted to be on the Home Staff. He started to describe all that it would entail and every single thing that he described was exactly everything God had already put inside my heart and given me glimpses of. I was filled with excitement and joy immediately and it hasn’t left since.

I cannot wait to work side by side with John and his wife Hannah for the KINGDOM and to see all the Lord does through this Hope Home.

Thank you to all who will and have supported this ministry, and please join with us in prayer that God will do mighty things at the Hope Home and even more so that God will turn the North side of Springfield right side up and revive it!

God Bless

Thomas Moon


Dear Friends,

I am excited to share with you the faith adventure I am on. My journey started seventeen years ago when the Lord set me free from an intravenous heroin and rock cocaine addiction and called me into ministry. In 2011 I moved to Springfield, MO to attend Central Bible College. I graduated from CBC and now have only twelve credits left to complete the MA in Intercultural Ministries at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. At CBC I met and married the love of my life, Hannah-Rose. Several years ago we began to feel a burden for the north side of Springfield, Missouri where we now live. God has opened the door for us to plant a new church here.

I am partnering with CityReach Network (CRN) and the local Assemblies of God district to plant a church in north Springfield, MO in March 2016. On Easter Sunday this year, CRN churches reached over 12,000 people with the Gospel and saw 125 people commit their lives to Christ. We will also reach the one who is far from God through Christ-centered recovery “Hope Homes” intended to impact people whose lives are torn apart by addiction, homelessness, and depression. My wife and I are fruit of Christ-centered recovery homes. In 1999 I graduated from a Victory Outreach men’s home in Phoenix, Arizona. My wife is a graduate of the Long Island Teen Challenge. We know from personal experience that the Hope Home can transform broken lives.

Springfield has held the infamous title of “Meth Capital” of the nation for many years. Violence and property crimes are on the rise which coincides with the increase of drugs on the city streets—more drugs always mean more crime. Childhood hunger is higher in Springfield than any other city in Missouri. More than half the students in the Springfield public schools receive free or reduced lunch. According to Byron Klaus, president of the AGTS, “The unholy trinity of meth, poverty, and domestic violence is in intense form in north Springfield.”

But we can make a difference. Here’s how:

  1. Start weekly prayer meeting to interced on behalf of Springfield (January 2015).
  2. Plant a church in north Springfield that will reach the one who is far from God (March 2016).
  3. Open a Men’s Hope Home to rebuild broken lives into godly leaders (January 2016).
  4. Partner with local schools thru a mentoring program and Convoy of Hope to touch the lives of students.
  5. Impact the community through outreaches: Rock the Block, Live Dramas, Day of Hope.

Would you consider being a partner with Hannah and me? How?

  • Pray for God to prepare the way before us, touching the hearts of people we’ll reach.
  • Partner with our family and CityReach to see lives changed for eternity.

Our current need is $35, 000 to start the men’s Hope Home this summer. I have a partner who is willing to match dollar for dollar up to 15k, leaving 20K to get the Hope Home up and running for six months. After the six months the home will be self-supportive.

1 Partner                                 $10,000                       $10,000

3 Partners                               $1000                          $3,000

10 Partners                             $500                            $5000

10 Partners                             $100                            $1000

20 Partners                             $50                              $1000

44 Total Partners                                                       $20,000


A one-time contribution can help fuel the launch of the first Hope Home in Springfield, or you can partner with us monthly to help the ministry grow strong.

I pray for an outpouring of God’s blessing on you as we further His Kingdom. We’re better together.

John Caleb Alarid

Lead Pastor | CityReach Springfield ​

Mobile: (417) 631-9082

To Give:

1) Make check payable to CityReach Network; PO Box 7001, Springfield, MO 65801-7001

Important: Memo the check “Springfield”

2) You can also give online:

3) All Contributions are tax deductible

4) Please contact me with any questions: